Monday, May 22, 2006

Off topic - family update

Going to make a family update post today -- not much happening at the lake (I mean lot). It is nice to have electricity, but would be better if the rain stopped. Dave has wired some lights in the garage now, too.

We drove down to Wells on Saturday for lunch with Micah. He looks great and has already got another car (his was "drowned" in the flooding last week). He bought (or is buying....) a 2003 Chevy Malabu in dark blue. It is in excellent shape with all the options (sunroof, leather seats etc.) School was over for the summer for him and he says he believes he has about 3 more classes to go. It was great to see him -- now to meet up with Ryan and Robyn soon. I believe they spent the weekend in NYC. I did get a picture of "Banjo" -- she is really growing.

We are fine and enjoying having power from a line instead of the generator. Last night, Dave hooked up our little TV and we got 4 -5 stations quite well. I do have an order in for the cable (have to keep up with those Sox). We are still waiting for the phone service, too.

There is a chance that the concrete group will appear sometime today with forms. I hope so -- if not, Dave was going to make a run to the laundrymat (he is so great). I am researching countertops trying to decide on granite or soapstone. Wish I had some references.
Hopefully, there will be more on the construction front later this week........

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Anonymous said...

hey mom; nyc was fun. we stayed near times square - saw the m. of modern art, the gugenheim, walked all through wall street and central park - got a glimpse of the statue of liberty (from land, not water) and generally enjoyed a weekend of freedom!

The usual travel issues - they closed the mass pike Friday after a tractor trailer with something explosive tipped over - so it took us a bit to get there; returning, however, was pretty fast. It is less than 250 miles from nyc to our door - who knew?

sorry to hear about the civic... a shed a little tear.

we think banjo is full grown now .. just trying to find the right balance of food per serving for her. She's looking good these days - quite slim and fit - but she seems a bit hungry sometimes. Before she wasn't fat ... but not really lean and mean :-) .. and also hardly food focused... so I think we've found the boundaries.

talk to you soon...