Monday, May 15, 2006

Muddy Waters

Whew - what a mess southern Maine is in. Wells (our old hometown) had about a foot of rain and is under a state of emergency. We were feeling badly about having a muddy foundation hole -- but I guess 3 inches aren't really a problem.
Yes, we do have a "hole", septic tank and leachfield on site. There are some pictures posted at in the Gallery of the process. The dogs find the entire thing quite interesting as you can see. With luck the concrete workers arrived today and started to build forms for the footer. I'll post tomorrow if that happened.
Since I have now moved into the trailer with Dave, we don't have internet connectivity and I need to do this after work from my desk -- the postings will probably get shorter, but I will try to do more of them. The black flies are out -- UGH. The scourge of Maine. They get after anything warm blooded and pretty much make life miserable. Times like that make me almost wish for those colder days again.

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