Friday, May 19, 2006

Let the light shine in!

We have electricity. After numerous glitches (plug wired wrong for trailer, Central Maine Power taking their own sweet time, etc.), we now are powered. No more waiting to turn on the coffeepot in the morning until the generator is started -- and no more growling generator noises all evening long. This is a step toward civilization. I feel like we have joined the 21st century with running water and power -- that portapotty and those black flies are still a bit of a trial, but whatever.
It is still raining :(

We have a minor swimming hole, but the concrete people say not to worry. They may try to start setting some forms tomorrow. We are off to Wells for lunch with Micah then and won't be around though. I'll get some pictures if they get started.

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Sharon said...

FYI - our first couple of days gave us 3 inches and as of yesterday, we had another 3 from the second front. At least we didn't get the flooding that the had in southern Maine.