Monday, May 08, 2006

Don't Fence Me In!

Phase one is complete -- we have a fence for Sophie and Milos. They don't appreciate being jailed much, but it is great to know there is somewhere to put them during the construction phases. You can see pictures of the fencing project in the Gallery. We had a minor setback on the utilities. They are going to need to move the electric panel closer to the actual entry point.

But, there is VERY good news!! I had to go to work, but the excavator thought he would able to start today. Sunday afternoon, the contractor and Dave did some work laying out the exact foundation and deciding on the final floor level. It looks like we will get quite a bit of dirt from digging out for the house. Hopefully, we won't need to scrounge much other dirt.
Maybe the next posting will have pictures of the house foundation under construction. Yippee.

Saturday was Dave's birthday and we went out for Chinese food -- had a great weekend weatherwise, too.
The only downside was when Sophie managed to get a stick wedged between her molars across the top of her mouth while wrestling with Milos. We couldn't figure out what was wrong -- she was ok until she would try to eat or drink and then was in a lot of discomfort. We pried her mouth open and tried everything, but couldn't see the problem

So, off to the emergency vet (about 1.5 hours away) at 4:30. Long story -- it took two vet techs and two vets to finally see that stupid black stick resting on the black roof of her mouth. It was fit snuggly into one of the ridges and completely hidden. Anyway, after it was removed -- she licked everyone wagged her tail and drank a gallon of water.
Everyone was fine when I left at 11 pm for the B&B. It is about time for me to move to the lot. Dave used the shower with the generator and we have the hot water heater working. So, I am running out of excuses (ha).
Now, I'm off to bed.


Ryan said...

Sounds like good progress all around! Our fence people are here today; We spent all weekend taking down that old rotten shed and leveling out some areas with some dirt we had delivered; We made a small circle of rocks in the front for a flower garden. The grass seed I threw on the ground in the back is growing in spots -- be interesting to see if it survives the fence installers. Ha. We'll send some pictures too when more progress is to be had.

Sharon said...

Hey Ryan,
Don't forget to send me a link to the pictures of the new fence -- nice talking with you too.